one more.

I know I posted already today, but sometimes things happen, and you need to post again. Posting is not something I do to keep people updated on my life. I don't do it so people can read my thoughts or I can share my words. Honestly, I do it because it keeps me from going crazy. Right now.. I feel like I'm going crazy a little bit, so don't be bothered by the fact that I posted a few hours ago and here I am again. Every time I go for a walk outside, a million billion things can make me smile. No matter how many things can make me smile, there has always been one thing that could creep into a perfect day and ruin it. Now, I'm sure most of the people who read my blog know me well enough to know what that is. That thing that broke me. Today, I realized that I can't just wait to be fixed. I'll have to do it on my own. It is time to never look back. Ever. And that feels great. :)

Now this is kind of off topic, but its important. There is this flower, that pokes through the sidewalk crack, just like that. Every day I see this flower, it makes me remember to smile, just like that. I'm afraid today I accidentally stepped on the flower, and smooshed it. Yes. I smooshed it. I love this flower. My first thought was.... I guess with winter coming and all, it was bound to die soon anyway.. the seasons changing tends to do that. Then I realized that was crazy thinking. I did something silly. It was something I might have done when I was four or five. I picked the smooshed flower, and I brought it inside. I hope it will survive.


  1. janeen. this flower thing just made me so happy :) your amazing girl.

  2. remember how you are going to guest post for the rules? i am excited!!


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