september long.

Well, another long weekend has come and gone. I always seem to learn so many things on long weekends. This weekend was especially great. My lovely friends Steph, Chelan, Parker, Cody, and Ryan came to visit. What a great weekend we had? Combine those five, with myself, Tessa, and Jared.. I'd say you have a great combination of people. What did I learn this weekend? I learned many things..

I learned that Jared makes a great imitation of the chirping noise at the crosswalk..
I learned that Arby's truly is disgusting, and makes me sick
I learned that Chelan and Steph make the most ridiculous noise when they are laughing...
I learned that Denny's has the potential to be awful
I learned that when swimming with Cody around is potentially fatal
I learned that cops truly are nice if they want to be, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with hanging out on the corner of the Wilk at 3am
I learned that driving on a windy road forever at 1am is worth it when you see the amazing view :)
I learned that two people can sleep in what seems to be a miniature single bed and have a great sleep
I learned that (I can't believe I am going to admit this) I can throw up after eating Arby's in front of Cody and all he says is.. "awesome!".. what a character.
I learned that Jared has an eye for photography
I learned that Ryan knows everything about the Salt Lake Temple, well pretty much everything
I learned that one bubble at a time is best?
I learned that eight people can cruise around any time of day and still find something to do
I learned that Cody is worse at making shopping decisions than I am
I learned that Tessa can indeed make the loveliest of faces at any given moment
I learned that sitting on Cody's shoulders can be successful
I learned that Utah is still crazy hot when southern alberta decides to start snowing and such.
I learned that Gabriel the Grape is disgusting
I learned that Japeleno Bites from Arbys should never be consumed, ever
I learned that BYU football games are truly inspiring
I learned that some people at games are absolutely arrogant, and that some people absolutely hate the LDS church
I learned that I get extremely defensive when people start mocking my religion
I learned that I already have a ridiculous amount of BYU Cougar Pride :)
I learned that Temple Square is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon
I learned that Chelan needs to be a Cougarette
I learned that Steph is still my best friend
I learned that Parker isn't as shy as I thought he was
I learned that Ryan .. well.. he's not who I thought he was either? hhaha.. 
I learned that Jared gives great back rubs
I learned that Tessa can truly get ready for the day in under an hour if she puts her mind to it
I learned that Cody is absolutely hilarious, and can survive without sleeping for an entire night
I learned that I truly have the best friends ever!

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