things plus esophagus.

I have a million things to do, and a million thoughts, and a million ideas going through my head. I can't focus them to make one post so I will just write them down. This post is inspired by Springs recent posts.

Southern Alberta. Really?

I don't know how to pack.

When I can swallow again, I'm going to drink raspberry lemonade to compensate for the ginormous jug I have to leave behind. :(

Do you think the plane will let me carry on my oversized poster of Audrey Hepburn?

Why did I buy that jug of raspberry lemonade? It hardly even fits in our fridge.

Pain killers = heaven.

Medical Notes can do absolutely anything you want them to.

In twenty four hours I will be in the sky.

Southern Alberta.. REALLY??

Why is it that raspberry lemonade keeps insisting on entering my dreams?

I hate my American phone. I am almost done with it.

Goodbye writing class. :( And girl named Katie who likes how I write. You were nice. We could have been friends.

I'm leaving everything here. I hope it comes home to me soon.

Who would have thought leaving would require more work than staying?

I'm a terrible packer.

When I can swallow again, I'm going to eat the entire day.

Raspberry lemonade sounds so good right now.

Goodbye people I never met, and people I did meet.

Jamba Juice? I was so excited about our developing relationship. You shall be missed.

Kristalyn, Liz, Corinne and Korinne, I'm glad we had these two weeks together. Please don't just remember me as that one room mate who got sick.

Tessa. You can survive I know it. But stay away from that one guy?..

I love friendly messages from people who care.

Raspberry Lemonade isn't even good. I don't even know why I keep trying to drink it.

When I can swallow again, I think I will never stop swallowing, ever again.

What do I take home?

Goodbye thirty degree weather.

I'm keeping one of my text books.. shh....

Southern Alberta...

I secretly have been craving a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger combo from Wendys, with a diet coke and an extra frosty... all supersized for a week now. Oh well.

There are a lot of different kinds of Chicken Noodle Soup you know.

What do you do if you can't swallow without pain medication, but the pain medication makes you throw up what you swallow?

Southern Alberta. I don't even want to know what that means.

People are so kind sometimes.

What about my meal card that has so much money on it? I can't even use it. Such a disgrace.

When I can swallow again, I'm going to Quizno's. They have raspberry lemonade.

Goodbye super small miniature dorm sized bed. Hello king sized cloud. I have missed you so. :)

I heard its going to snow at home. Kill me now.

What does one do with returned tuition money that they have been saving? Save again? or maybe shop?

Two more weeks until I feel better. I think I can survive.

When I can swallow again, I'm going to consume ridiculous amounts of penny candy.

Southern Alberta... oh dear...

If you have a weak stomach, maybe don't look. This is my esophagus. That white stuff? Its not supposed to be there. Its all just supposed to be pink apparently.

I better go return my text books now.


  1. i'm so pleased that you put pictures of the stupid virus up. i hate the virus. but i like the pictures, cause they're gross. :) get better.

  2. Hahaha I just read this post...you are one funny girl! Teach me how to blog like you?


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