what i miss most.

Well. I already miss Provo.
I miss the beautiful weather. I miss the fact that I could still wear shorts and flip flops, because it is still summer.
I miss hearing "Come, Come Ye Saints".. slightly off key.. every hour, reminding me that I was at the best university ever.
I miss the little bird that chirps at the crosswalk, and I miss our squeaky fridge.
I miss Tessa, and they way she takes so long to put on her mascara. I miss watching the OC with her until way too late, and spending all afternoon watching it, not caring if we were being anti-social.
I miss my other room mates. Kristalyn, Liz, Corinne and Korinne. We had such a good group of room mates. I loved how everyone just did their own dishes. I miss hearing Kristalyn playing the guitar, and Corinne's cute high pitched laugh, and her cooking. I miss Liz always cooking up something fabulous in the kitchen too. I miss how Korinne was such a sweet heart. Honestly, she has a heart of gold. :)
I miss the long walk to the JSB, but how all my classes were in there on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
I even sort of miss Professor Patterson's ugly bow ties.
I miss how it was so hard to get the temperature of the shower just right.
I miss how squeaky our front door was.
I miss how squeaky all of our doors were.
I take it back, I don't miss anything about Professor Patterson. :)
I miss how exciting it was to get mail.
I miss Tuesday morning devotional in the Marriott, and how the bell tower would try and play church hymns when we went but failed miserably.
I miss walking through the Wilk and hearing some fabulously talented person playing on that little piano the corner.
I miss walking home from creative writing and watching the fencing class on the lawn in front of the Wilk.
I miss Human Development, and how much Professor Nelson loved that class.
I miss my iClicker. I felt so important when I used that, even though I always chose the wrong answer.
I miss how new everything was. No one knew me, and no one really cared to. :)
I miss leaving the book store and having people try to sell me Starving Student Cards.
I miss the smell of the Cougareat on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I wish I would have figured out what smelled so good all the time.
I miss Jamba Juice. OOH how I miss Jamba Juice!!
I miss the school spirit. Everyone just loves BYU.

More than anything? I miss my writing class. I miss how it was the perfect class for me. I miss Professor Woods, and Katie, the nice girl who sat by me. I miss Erikka, the girl who actually wasn't in our class but came anyway. I miss how we would take ten minute breaks because that class was so long, but I absolutely loved all two and a half hours of it. I miss how the entire class period consisted of reading each other's work, and reading other short stories. I miss how class was held in the Dean of Humanities office around a conference desk in conference chairs. I miss how that class would make me write, all the time.

Southern Alberta? Please, please be good to me.. :(

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