I'm nineteen. In these nineteen years, I have experienced many emotions, trials, happinesses, sorrows, pains, and excitements. I still relish in the positive, and I still hurt from the negative. I can't change what has happened. I can't take back any event from the past. And you know what? I don't want to. All of these things combined have created a masterpiece: me. Without each and every piece of life I have experienced, I would not be the person that I am.

Yeah. I wrote a poem, and I'm even proud of it. It sometimes just happens, okay?

to the jobs I have survived
to the messes I've made
to the places I have lived
to the bills I haven't paid

to the places I've travelled
to the illnesses I've had
to my brothers and sisters
to my mom and dad

to the A's I've received
to the contests I've won
to the assignments I've failed
to the homework left undone

 to the students who don't care
to the teachers who do
to the drama of high school
with that, to being through

to the beaches I love
to the days in the sand
to the icy cold air
to the frost bitten hands

to the people who have hurt me
to the people who I still love
to the people who watch over me
to the ones from up above

to those that I've hurt
to their broken hearts
to the wrong things that I've said
to the reasons we've drifted apart

to the friends who have faded
to those still shining bright
to the people who will never forget me
to the ones that still might

to the things that bring smiles
to the things that make me cry 
to the boys who have broken my heart
to the boys who have helped me fly

to my first best friend
to my first kiss
to the shoulders I've cried on
to the missionary I miss

to the future still unwritten
to the knowledge that I'll find bliss
to the thrill of unknown
to whoever will have my last kiss

to each little puzzle piece
to each and every size 
please, continue creating my life
so far, it's been the ultimate prize

Thank you. Thank you all for being a piece to the puzzle of Jane. Thank you for my experiences, for piecing yourselves together to create me, for showing me what it is to be me, and for letting me love myself. I am simply Jane, and nothing is ever going to change that.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That poem is amazing! You are so talented!

  2. Janeeeeee. You are amazing. Niiiiiice poem!


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