Always the love songs.

It's quite simple, really.

For the most part anyway. I guess sometimes it is just...
sweet lyrics and simple tunes.
&& just because a song makes me cry, doesn't mean they are tears of sadness. It doesn't mean they are tears of joy either.
I guess I can be more specific.
  1. Because this is the song I listen to in the shower. Also, because it reminds me of one specific day in my life. A turning point, a change, a new leaf. This day, I suppose, hurt other people and I'm sorry for that, but this day happened, and this was the song.
  2. You know, I fake it oh, so well... That's why I love this song. Because the lyrics are so beautiful.
  3. The chorus to this song gives me chills. Also because it reminds me of Meredith and Derek.. don't judge me.
  4. The lyrics are so simple, but so sincere. Farewell, so long. How perfect?
  5. Because whoever Brad Paisley spent forty five minutes [kissing] goodnight is one lucky girl.
  6. Contempt loves the silence, it thrives in the dark. This song is pure poetry.
  7. This is the first song of T-Swift's new album that I fell in love with.
  8. All because of an email I received about Tarzan and Jane...
  9. Gavin Rossdale's voice makes me melt.. Here I am without you.
  10. The first notes of this song make me want to play the piano. 
  11. Okay, really. Who hasn't cried to this song?
  12. This is a happy, sad song. It demonstrates the pure bliss in loving someone, whether or not that person loves you back. The music through the chorus of this song sounds like sparkling magic.
  13. These lyrics are darling. So is Leigh Nash's voice. So is the tune.
There you have it. I love love love songs.

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  1. You'll love Ocean Wide by The Afters :) Enjoi it.


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