Day 10-Something you're afraid of

Oh this should be interesting. I am going to write a couple stories about my worst fear.

ask for source.

Story #1.
I was in Chem 20 (although Chemistry is certainly a fear of mine, this isn't the fear I am referring to) in Mr. Wolsey's classroom, except our teacher was Mrs. Meeks. I sat in the front right corner of the classroom, one desk in front of Ryan. Class was just passing by like it usually did, me hating on chemistry and wishing I could be in a different class. Mrs. Meeks was at the front of the class writing notes on the whiteboard. It was a relatively dull class from my perspective. I hate chemistry. Suddenly, Mrs. Meeks lets out a little gasp and puts her hand on her chest. She is looking in the front, right corner of the classroom towards the book shelves. "There's a mouse," she simply stated.
I'm not sure how the next three milliseconds went, but I know by the fourth millisecond I was standing right on top of Ryan's binder. To this day, I don't remember how I got there. I'm convinced I flew, or some saving angel picked me up and carried me there. The entire class froze and slowly all eyes were on me. I hadn't breathed yet, my eyes were watering, and I had the shakes. I'm grateful that no one laughed, because if you ask me this is not a laughing matter.
"Do you need to take a walk.." asked Mrs. Meeks. I jumped off of the desk and walked into the hallway until I got control of my breath.
And no. I didn't even see the mouse, but I could sense it lurking on the other side of the bookshelf only feet away from me with its beady little eyes, and that was enough.

 Story #2
Our house has never had a problem with mice. In my whole life, we have ever only had a mouse twice, maybe three times. One in six years? I like those odds. Anyway, the most recent time we had a mouse residing with us was about two years ago. It was up in our kitchen, so my dad set a trap in the corner. I demanded he set one in my bedroom just to be sure, so he did that as well. What a good dad. Anyway, that night, I had trouble sleeping. I dozed in and out and all I could think about was the sound of the mouse trap going off behind my nightstand. Okay, let me rewind. Just because we don't have mice inside of our house often, doesn't mean they don't enjoy nesting just outside of our house. My bedroom has an two outside walls. The one on the north side of my bedroom is by our back yard. The walls of my bedroom have been a home to birds, bees, and mice. My dad doesn't believe me, but I know they are there because I can hear them scratching the wall. The same wall that is inches from my head. So creepy. Sometimes I even hit the wall to try and scare them away. I'm pathetic, I know. Anyway, this particular night I could hear something on the outside of my house near the floor. Of course, I lose all logic when there is a mouse living among my family. It was two, maybe three in the morning and I was near tears because I had convinced myself that there was a mouse inside my bedroom, rather then outside. Suddenly, I hear the trap go off. I was hyperventilating. I didn't want to move because I didn't want to accidentally run my hand over such a demon little creature. What if the mouse just touched the trap and the rodent was still running around my room? I thought about getting up to go sleep in a different room, perhaps in a different house, but the thought of accidentally stepping on the mouse was too much for me to handle. I couldn't turn on the light because if I actually saw the mouse I'm pretty sure my heart would have stopped entirely. My mind raced. I grabbed my cell phone and started calling my house. Of course, if anyone has tried to call my house, you know that no one EVER answers the phone, especially during the night. I called my dad's cell phone and finally he answered. I'm pretty sure he thought I was getting raped or something because of the pure terror in my voice. He came downstairs and checked the trap in my room. It hadn't even gone off. WHAT THE HECK. I heard it loud and clear. He went upstairs and checked the mouse trap in the kitchen. Sure enough, our creepy little fiend was smooshed like he should be. I asked my dad how loud a mouse trap was when it went off, and he said it was certainly not loud enough for me to hear from downstairs in my bedroom at the opposite end of the house. I guess I have super-sensitive-mouse detecting ears. I still shudder when I think of that night.

So there you have it. Something I am afraid of: MICE. I know its ridiculous and they are harmless and all that crap, and to be honest, I think they are kind of cute. But when there is a mouse near by, I lose all of my logic.
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HA. I hope they all die.

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