the twenty second and twenty third.

Day 14-Some pictures you love
with the addition of my own personal captions.

 A best friend can make the November air seem not quite so cold.. =)
(dedicated to Michelle for November 22.. in genie pants)

Christmas tights? Yes please.

Wishy washy wishes are a thing of the past, you could say.

Pale skin can be beautiful too.

Day 15-Pictures of your Dream house

Heck if I know what my dream house is. I'm eighteen. 

You know. The typical, dream mansion?

Maybe a little bit closer to the ocean..

Perhaps up on a mountain.. making everybody look like ants.. from way up there.. =)

Maybe my child hood dream of owning a doll house could come true?

How about a cute little house with the fairies?

or perhaps a cute cottage in the woods.

Ya. I still have no idea.

1 comment:

  1. I vote cute cottage in the woods..
    Think about all the wonderful things you'd get to experience with nature.. ♥

    - Josabet.


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