it's not up to me.

if it were up to me

: no one would have to wake up before the sun does :
: it wouldn't be too cold outside to wear all of my tights :
: I would be able to stay home all day and bake Christmas everything :
: I would have a Christmas sweater for every day of December :
: my applications would fill themselves out :
: December would be a holiday... the whole month :
: mice wouldn't exist :
: that shoe store at the mall would call me and tell me that my new boots were in :
: my new boots would have come last week like they were supposed to :
: hot chocolate would be sold on every street corner :
: fall would have lasted just a little bit longer :
: my tuition refund would come back to me and not be lost in the mail :
: mitts would come with a string to put through the sleeves of your coat :
: getting the mail would actually result in having mail addressed to me :
: I would have landed on Boardwalk before Dallin and owned that game like he did :
: snow would be fun to play with and wouldn't freeze my hands off... :

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