But then I just smile, I go ahead and smile.

Day 5- pictures of things that make you happy

Ask me for the sources if you are curious. =)

Colored tights with cute dresses.

Posting cat pictures on Michelle's wall.

My best friends. I feel like this demonstrates perhaps Kate dragging myself and Michelle up a mountain? Freaky how much it looks like us right? Sorry this picture doesn't include Steph and Karlee!

Home made oreo cookies. These are my favorite ever, and yes I stole this picture off of Shelby Weston's facebook because this picture has been haunting me ever since she uploaded it until two nights ago when I finally made some myself. =)

Writing. Writing makes me happier than anything.

Couples in love.

My blog. <3



  1. Jane,

    One: I Love Lily Allen, & I'm completely heartbroken over her miscarriage.. (Did you hear) ?

    Two: Writting is my favorite too... I can't write unless I feel somewhat inspired.. because if I do, it just doesn't seem to be right.

    Three: I had that exact picture of that couple as my wallpaper a couple months ago..

    Four: I Love my Blog & your Blog too..


    I'm totally going to follow this posting chain.. I really am.. not like the 30 day one.. ( that didn't go over so well..)

    - Thanks Jane.

    xo, Josabet.

  2. Janeen, I really would love to know where you find these amazing pictures! Like honestly, every blog you have, you always find these perfect pictures to go with your blog. Oh and by the way, your blog is has got to be the best blog ever, and I love how you've been such an avid blog writer the past 2-3 months. I usually save your blog till the last to read out of all the other blogs I follow, because it's that good.

  3. Josabet: I always love the comments you leave.. and I love your blog as well. -- =)

    Madison: I will send you a facebook message with some links if you would like. and. I loved reading your blog for the short amount of time it was public. You should consider letting me be an invited reader. =)

  4. I have to admit, your blog makes me happy too! & your one of the few that can pull off colored tights.


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