Now I was sitting.

I feel like all I am doing these days is waiting. And no, not just for one or two things... and no.. probably not what some of you initially thought of when you read that. I am literally waiting on everything...  I feel like life is just kind of on hold at the moment. and I can't really go forward with much else until some of these things start happening.

and yes I realize some of these are shallow. don't judge me.

waiting until my TV shows return in April
waiting for next week, next month, next summer, next year..
 waiting to get my 50th follower.. (anyone willing to help me out on this. I will dedicate a post to you...)
waiting for money to come in the mail
 waiting for mail in general

 okay. those are just added to the list because I really am waiting for all that stuff. ...
but mostly.. these are the things that are weighing on me..

waiting to find out if I am accepted to Harlingen
 waiting to start school again
waiting to find out if my summer job is going to work out
 waiting to go to Florida
 waiting for my passport to come back
 waiting to grow up
 waiting for tomorrow

I'm ready to start getting some answers now so I can keep moving forwards. I'm not a fan of this sitting still stuff.
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  1. I have definitely been there! Just you wait...all of a sudden things are just going to start flying by and there will be so much change! PS- I was planning on heading out to Harlingen once too. I hope you get accepted!

  2. Just thought you should know I'm your 50th follower. YAY!


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