C.C. you wear me out.

So as posted on March 9, I have a list of goals to accomplish. No. .I didn't forget, but I regret to inform the blog world that I have failed one some of them already. I know I have until April 9th, but here is my update. Let me first remind you of my goals.

- attack my messy room and keep it clean until I leave for Florida (I was going to say keep it clean forever but let`s be real.)
- figure out a Plan B incase my summer job doesn`t work out
- start making another quilt
- don`t go clothes shopping... not even once
- make an official budget.... 99% savings.. 1% other.. or something close to that
- clean my mom`s car
- donate something
- make Sunday dinner
- use that stupid treadmill that is sitting in my house. three times a week.
- I`ll throw in 100 sit ups three times a week just because it will be good for me.
- did I mention I need to stop shopping.. I am also adding no more eating out to that list.
- see J Biebs with Steph again
- don`t sleep in past ten, ever (I`ll aim for 9:30 next month.. maybe)
- finish choreographing the dances for my dance classes
- go to institute every single week

I cleaned my room. But it's a mess again.. but I am cleaning it again today for a second try.
I applied for another job incase plan A doesn't work.
No quilt yet.. but there is still time!
I accidentally bought two shirts. They were on sale though.
I didn't make a budget, but I now deposit any money directly into my savings account which I can't access with my debit card. I find this helps.
Mom's car - more messy then before but maybe next week.
I donated to a children's charity when I went through the till at Extra Foods.
Sunday Dinner... forgot about that one. Tomorrow I will!
So.. I have only used that treadmill twice. I'm an embarrassment, I know. Gotta start somewhere.. and that's more than I've used it in the twelve years we've had it so I have improved.
I did a hundred crunches week one and week two, then completely forgot week three. I'll start again after I write this post. I guess week three still has a few days left. :)
So I have cut back on eating out. I went to Moxie's for Jordan's bachelorette party, but I figured that didn't count because it was a special occasion and I really didn't write fine print on that one. I think it is more of an.. don't eat out unless necessary.. kind of goal.. yeah?
I went to J. Biebs again last night. I even brought along Jared, Parker, and Ryan. Even if they deny it, they are secretly infected with the fever too. I know it..
So this sleeping in past 10 one.. uhh.. no comment. At least I am conscious of it though, and I do set my alarm every night before I go to bed. Its hard to wake up at a normal time when I don't have to work until 3pm til 11 pm Monday-Thursday okay?!
Finish Choreographing. 2/3 classes done. I think that's a good start.
I haven't missed institute since February 22 I believe.. possibly the week before. I forget.

I'm doing better than I thought. Minus my treadmill business.. but on the plus side, I found this gem hiding in our cabinet downstairs...

Oh, Cindy and I are going to have such a lovely time. I got about halfway through the video today. She is so hardcore... but I will be as fit as her someday. I WILL!


  1. p.s. you're adorable and i LOVE your blog. and its secretly my dream to be as fit as cindy as well. :)

  2. i love your blog my dear. i love the writing and i love your stories! thanks for reading my blog as well. us mgs need to stick together!


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