"He does landscapes.."

 I have considered doing a post like this for the past few months.. but have resisted due to sheer embarrassment of my obsession. I just finished watching Titanic and currently have lost all sense of pride so I figured I may as well go for this while I have the guts.

 I first saw Titanic when I was maybe eleven or twelve, but my earliest memory of it was my oldest sister going to see it in theaters.. I'm pretty sure it was like sixteen times or something.. okay maybe eight. All I know is that I wasn't allowed to watch it due to the fact that I was was only five or six when it was released.. but my sister Sher did have a severe case of.. I guess Leo Mania is what they called it at the time. 
Who wouldn't though? Just look at his face. Look at how romantic he is. And how he rescues her from the wretched Hockley. I'm pretty sure every girl wants a man who can save her from those things causing her so much heart ache. 
He definitely has what it takes to make a woman fall in love.

I finally saw it on TV when I was to an age where my parents no longer monitored everything I watched.
 I thought I was so sneaky.. but I'm pretty sure they could hear the theme song blasting through my house.. anyway..
Time passed and I kind of forgot the movie existed, until grade nine when my friends and I had chick-flick marathons every Friday and Saturday to ease the pain of our broken hearted fifteen-year old selves. I remember watching Titanic, but only watching the first half because the second half is just so sad. We only liked movies with happy endings or something. 
Last fall, Steph mentioned wanting to see the WHOLE movie, and we kept talking about renting it. We were at Value Village when Steph found the VHS for three dollars. Of course, she bought it, and we watched it the next day I believe. And the next day. And the day after that. I'm really not exaggerating either. I wish I counted how many times we watched it. I'm pretty sure there was one day when the movie ended and we just decided to rewind it and start over.
(This was the time in my life when I had to come home from University due to severe ulcers and was in the healing process. Steph was just a good friend and kept me company.)
A few months passed without Titanic as we fell into the Road Trip mode (we actually watched it on our way to California haha), then Monopoly mode, and then I fell into saying goodbye to Cody mode. The day Cody left, I decided to watch this movie again. It was uploaded on my computer from when we watched it on our road trip. (Don't laugh at me. It's a good show k.) I have watched it three times since then.. 
I like to watch just a little part of it every few nights to help me fall asleep.
I guess it has replaced catching up on good books. Titanic is probably the reason I haven't read the Hunger Games yet. And yes world, it is #1 on my list of what to read next. I even bought it so I will read it. Just not today.
I have yet to watch this movie without finding myself in tears as Rose and Jack bid such a heartbreaking farewell.

Oh my. It's so traumatic. and ohhhh so romantic.

Yeah, and whats a movie blogpost without some sappy quotes at the end? :)

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you.. to make each day count."

"A women's heart is a deep ocean of secrets"

"Come, Josephine in my flying machine going up she goes, up she goes..."

"Where to miss?" "To the stars.."

"You jump, I jump right?"

"I'll never let go Jack, I promise.."

So good. Now I apologize for my romantical rant and review. I don't normally do this.. but this show is worth it okay?
Go watch it though. You won't regret it.

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  1. I'm so glad we feel the same way about that movie. I'm ALWAYS in tears watching it!!!

  2. agreed... love titanic.... hunger games isnt THAT great. fyi.

  3. Oh Janeen! I loved this post! I feel the same way. In fact, I'm gonna go watch it right now...

  4. makes me cry every time. unlike you though, the sadness is enough to make me not want to watch it. at least not nearly as many times as you have hahah. it's the same with The Notebook for me. the end is too sad.

  5. I'm so glad everyone agrees with me on this one. I'll stop hesitating on posts from now on...
    But. Victoria. No no no, you have this all wrong! hahah They are sad at the ending.. but after the endings are always happy. In The Notebook they are happy because they get to die together! .. and in Titanic.. as my friend Steph pointed out to me last fall.. at the end when she is like dreaming about the Titanic and everyone is greeting her and she kisses Jack again? She definitely died that night in her sleep and was reunited with Jack. Watch it again with all that in mind. Helps ease the pain...

  6. I love this! You are adorable Jane! I also love titanic. :)

  7. Okay. Love this post. Love Titanic. Tell me if this happens to you at all but when I watch titanic I become so engrossed and emotionally connected to the characters that I think this love story is real and for weeks after I will find myself thinking about it and how sad it is that Jack and Rose never got to be together in the end. It makes my heart break. till i remind myself it's just a movie.

  8. It is real. don't tell me otherwise. Haha no but for real I know what you mean about getting emotionally connected to the characters. It's like watching a TV series in a really short amount of time kinda thing.. everything becomes about those characters. ,... Only with Titanic.. you just have to watch it once and it's all you can think about for the next few weeks.

  9. that's how i feel after the phantom of the opera. i can watch it again and again and again and again without ever getting bored. i loooooove the music to titanic too! i danced to it once! so fun!

  10. Um yes, no shame, that's seriously one my favorite movies ever. I absolutely LOVE it. You have good taste :)

  11. That was such an awesome movie!! Its like what 15 years old and still a favorite of everyones!!

    Livy Love


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