long lost friend.

You know what. 
Sometimes apologizing for things to believed long forgotten because they occurred... oh.. lets go with.. five, six years ago... seems unnecessary. And you know what? It probably is unnecessary to apologize for such things..
Especially when six years ago for me was the horrible age of thirteen. 
I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I probably need to apologize to more people then I can count for being such a bratty thirteen year old. Anyway. 
Today, someone said something to me.. someone apologized for something that occurred so long ago. Someone that once upon a time was such a huge part of my life. It was for something that.. well.. looking back seems to ridiculous.. but it was something that deeply hurt my little thirteen year old heart. Something that I shed too many tears over, and something I hid in the corner of my soul for, well a good six years. Something that broke me into a million little shattered pieces.
Yeah, I got over it a few years ago, but still.
You know what? 
Even though so much time had passed, and everyone has grown up and matured, and truly this little thing was left in the past, and there were no hard feelings..
the simple little words of acknowledging my feelings so long ago, the words of an apology?
 meant everything to me.
So thank you, dear friend. I truly love you, and I am so grateful you remain apart of my life.  :)
I have never forgotten our friendship.
I, too, am sorry for being such a bratty thirteen year old. I certainly take some of the responsibility for what happened.
As for the rest of the world who has the misfortune of being apart of the horrendous young teen years of Jane..
I am so sorry, for offending you, for gossiping, for telling your secrets, for being a brat, for copying your ideas, for forgetting to invite you to my birthday party, for discluding you, for not realizing how rude I was, for accidently hurting you without realizing it, for whatever else may have happened.
I know this probably doesn't make up for many of the things I have done.. but I hope it is a start.

I guess I am going to work on some more personal apologies.

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  1. i forgot about how much it bugged us little girls when someone would copy us. ohhh brother! so funny! I liked this post a lot janeen. i just LOVE your blog!

  2. Oh gosh. 7th and 8th grade were awful. If we weren't being gossiped about, we were the one's gossiping. Bratty Lexie was horrid.


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