OHHH what lives some people choose to live.

Please, excuse me while I rant.

Life would be so much easier without those people who like to stir things up. 
You know the type.. 
the homewrecker..
the conniver.. 
the sneaky one.. 
Ya. That face that just popped into your mind after reading those descriptions.
I'll stop there.. because I prefer to not use vulgar language.
You know? It frustrates me. More and more every day. People getting involved in my business, or even just watching as a person gets involved in the business of someone else, with their only intentions being that they come out on top. Suuuree.. tell everyone that you are trying to make things better, or trying to "get information" just so you can help your friend out. How old are you again? Last time I checked.. we stopped using messengers in our relationships in elementary school.
"So and so said this about you.. and I heard that she actually thinks this"
Okkaayy??? Thanks, tips.
 Gahhh. It never ends.

And never, in my life, have I seen so many people trash talking their so called "best friends"
Seriously. Don't tell me someone is your best friend if you are going to turn around and try and screw things up for her the next day and say awful things about her right after.
 If she was actually your best friend, you would want her to be happy.
Don't you feel guilty putting your own happiness and desires so far above everyone else that you are wiling to ruin something potentially great for your best friend? 
And then completely lie to her face about it?
I don't understand.
And for the love of everything in my life, please, do NOT try to suck me into anything that doesn't concern me in the least. I don't want to be involved in anything more than necessary.
The end.

source undisclosed.


  1. YUCK I hate hate hate it when people act that way. Totally understand. My life is filled with rants like these :(

  2. I'm sorry you have to deal with all that unnecessary drama. :( Just don't let it get to you. Don't let the person win and come up on top with the knowledge that you cracked under their stupidity. You can do it. You're strong-willed.

  3. oh my this is exactly what has been going through my head for the past couple of days! thanks jane. I completely and totally agree.


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