I can't think of an appropriate title for this post....

Ladies and Gentlemen of the blogging community.. I knew this was coming today; however, I didn't know if it was going to be good news or bad news. I woke up every hour last night. 
I don't do stuff like that. I am a sleeper. Finally, this decided to arrive and ease my pain.

Ya okay, so that's the important part.
I'm more excited than I was the day I got my acceptance letter for BYU. ..
crazy, right?
This is for real!
Hopefully I won't be picking up any freak viruses this time...

I'm more excited to go to a little po-dunk town in the middle of nowhere pretty much in Mexico than I was to go to BYU.. 
A prestigious school of over 30 000 students in the heart of Utah with most of my friends.
Well, that is their dream, and I am so happy for all of them.
.. but this is MY dream. :)
Plus, Becky is there and I'm pretty sure we need to make a giant fort for the sake of being such good friends when we were ten.
And I am going to be done school April 2013!

And for my dear blogger friends who don't know just how far south in Texas I am going?
Ohhh bring on the heat please.


  1. YAY for Janeen!!! congrats girl :)

  2. I want to be a dental hygienist too! Crazy! :)Congratulations! You will have so much fun. Live your dream!

  3. AWWWWW YAY! THAT'S AWESOME! I remember how excited I was to learn I'd been accepted in my program!! It's great.

    So are you transferring there? Or do you go there after you finish your undergrad?

  4. Thank you thank you and thank you! :)
    Lex: The reason I am so excited about THIS particular school is because the majority of the places its offered it takes four years to be certified but this school is only two years. :) YAY. I have to finish a couple pre reqs that I can take online through their school so I don't have to worry about tranferring credits... Im working on them this summer and then I head down there in August for two years. YAY!

  5. Oohhh okay!!! It sounds so familiar because I picked my school because the program was 6 years instead of 8 like most other places! lol It's so great you got in then!!! You will do great :)

  6. Congrats!!!:) That's so exciting.


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