ranting day two...

Well. I don't know how to post exactly what I want to say.. so I think I'll just write some random thoughts..

Can it please just be summer already.. please?

Could everyone that is currently "going to get back to me".. hurry up and get back to me? ...

If someone would donate money to me right now I'd really appreciate it. Seriously.

My phone is a little piece of junk.. not kidding.

Once again.. I have learned the hard way.. not to get my hopes up. I am no good with disappointment.

And you. Why did you have to go telling me that? I don't want to hear things like that. Never again!

Unfortunately, I am currently proving J  Biebs wrong. I know he says to never say never and all, but if he doesn't retweet something I say on twitter one of these days... I want him to know. He ruined my hopes and dreams... I'm not giving up yet.. but I'm getting awfully close.

Time goes by.. so slowly...

Jordan Crawford is getting married this weekend. She is my first friend to get married. Weird. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Congratulations Jordan and Tim!

I just remembered I was supposed to call this one lady.. last Sunday.. and I just remembered. Gah. I need a planner or a new notebook. Scratch that. I need a Dorota. 

Sometimes.. you just have to sit and cry. It is the only way to feel relief.

I'm really ready to move somewhere. I love it here, yes, but.. I just need a change of scenery. This one just makes me sad.

Oh, did I mention I miss Cody.. hm. Well for future reference, if anyone is wondering, yes, I miss him all day every day. He's my best friend. My life has changed drastically with him being gone. 

I'm 19, if anyone was wondering. When I was little, I thought 19 sounded so old. Even when I was 17, 18.. I thought 19 sounded so old. Let me tell you something. I feel like a child. Life is hard.

Sometimes.. I just want to yell and scream and be mad. Yep. There is a little six year old hiding inside of me refraining from having a temper tantrum.

Have I ever told you people how much I hate exercising. Bleh.

So I'm really bad at cleaning glass. Mirrors, windows, you get it. Guess what. I work at a dance studio. There is waaaallllls of mirrors. And the mirrors? They need to be cleaned.. soooo bad. I'll pay someone to do it for me. Twenty bucks. Any takers?

Sometimes, people just disappoint me.. without even knowing it.. and its fine, I know it is unintentional and I tend to have really high hopes.. but I'm jus a little girl. I get let down easily. Sorry.

Spring is coming? That is happy. Oh and I meant the season.. but also... Spring is coming home soon. That will be so nice.

Michelle asked me to do her hair for Jordan and Tim's wedding. I don't do hair people. Epic fail right around the corner. Wish me luck.

Steph. Can we go to Calgary please. I need a distraction.

....Distraction. Thats what I need. Someone take me on a vacation! Oh wait.... 33 days. I can last 33 more days. I can do it! Sunshine state, please welcome me with open arms..

I have had way too much bad news lately. Something reeeeeally good better be headed my way..

Again.. you.. stop telling me those sorts of things. I know you aren't going to read this.. but I feel better writing it down. 


  1. happy things are just around the corner... right?

  2. I hate when people disappoint me. I hate not having money. I hate when everything goes wrong. 19 isn't old at all! I always thought it was too. I always thought I would have accomplished so much more than I have...it really stinks.

    BUT Spring is coming yes! And with it comes new hope.

  3. Vent it all out. It helps so much.

  4. Jane- Deep deep breath darlin'!!! Firstly, I hope that what I told you the other day isn't bugging or worrying you. I'm sorry if I added to your apparent burden of worries. Secondly, go look in your mirror and say, out loud, "My name is Janeen, and I am beautiful." Just remember that Heavenly Father NEVER gives us more than we can handle. Tomorrow is another day, and happiness is a choice. Everything will be okay, I promise! Your vacation will be here before you know it and I'm here if you need to vent! :)


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