freeze tag.. kissing tag.. blog tag...

Blog tag is officially my favorite game of tag.
I frequently stalk a number of blogs. It is actually excessive and sometimes I think I need to take a break from being creepy, but I can't. Last night, I noticed this fun post on Victoria's blog. I wasn't tagged in it, which is okay. She even wrote a little blurb to make sure those not tagged weren't offended and I felt like it helped. =) Just kidding, but she did tag someone I know.. and I hoped this person would tag me. The moment I realized she had posted, I scanned to the bottom without even reading it to see if I was tagged. (Attn: Blogworld. Don't laugh at me. I tell you my deepest and most embarrassing actions with the notion that you will not judge my strange quirks). Apparently Juhee knows me better than I thought she did... because little things such as getting tagged in a blog post makes my whole day, especially when I am tagged for a reason as fun as this. I don't know what it is but seriously.. stuff like this is my FAVORITE. So thank you for tagging me. =)

Just a little side note on Juhee, I know this lovely from school. We were in the same graduating class, had the same group of friends, etc etc etc, but I had no idea she was such a good writer.  Check out her blog, Pages of Me. It is definitely one of my favorites! There are certainly some blogs that I just scan when I open them, but I always get excited when she posts and always read every word. She definitely has a talent. Plus her blog just looks cute all the time. And I think she likes chips even more than I do so she makes me feel good about the fact that maybe my addiction isn't quite as severe as I thought. =) 

1. List three things that you love about yourself.
2. Post a picture that you love.
3. List five bloggers to whom you are passing this along.

Three things I love about myself..

1. Well, I love my love of blogging. I love that I get excited when one of the many blogs I creep has a new post. I love that moment in the day when I realize that I have something I want to post about. I love writing, so this is the perfect thing in the day that lets me just vent if I need to, or just write because I want to. Despite all the past blog bashing and rude comments and everything, I have really come to love the time of day I spend dedicated to writing a post. I have a whole circle of blog friends these days that I absolutely just adore. I love meeting people through blogs, and seriously nothing makes me happier then getting a new comment or a new follower. It is the best! So please... anonymous followers.. don't be anonymous anymore! :)

2. I love that I am very empathetic. Sometimes people just think I am overly emotional, but honestly.. I really just believe I feel things very deeply.. especially when it comes to others being hurt. Whenever I go to a funeral, I cry no matter what. Even if I hardly know the person. No.. I am not necessarily crying because I am sad I won't ever see that person again. I just cry for the family. I feel so bad for them. Confession time: In the zones girls basketball final this year.. when Raymond lost to CCH by just a few points and the girls were all so devastated, I seriously was holding back tears. They were just so sad and I felt so bad for them! :( Don't tell anyone that. Its embarrassing.
But, I do love that about myself. It helps me become close to people, and help people in times of need.

3. This is a new one for me, but I love my body. No, not in the way that I think I have a perfect body, or I want to flaunt it, or I think I physically look better than other people, but I have really been focusing on loving myself and being happy with the body I have been given. Like most of the girls in the world, I have struggled with my self-image and in the past, and I was constantly finding reasons to be unhappy with my body. I decided it was time to change that. Sure, I need to start exercising more and some day when I move away from an A cup I'm sure I will be happier, (haha) but I am learning every day to love my body. It is fully functioning. It is a gift. It is healthy (well, working on that one too). It is strong. It is what keeps me going in life.

A Picture I Love

Okay, so this is the first picture that came to mind. I quickly pushed it aside because I realized how lame it makes me look, and scanned through my iPhoto, but I couldn't settle on any other photos. Here you have it. I love this picture.

Isn't he just so cute? He'd be so embarrassed if he knew I did this, but lucky for me, he won't be reading this any time soon. Here is Cody Clay. I have no idea how old he is. Maybe three? Anyway, his mom has it in an album on facebook so I just took the liberty of stealing it off there for this post.

Okay. I only get to choose five, so sorry to those who don't get tagged. Perhaps one of these girls will tag you. Also.. if you really don't want to do this, it's okay I will forgive you. =)
I pick:


  1. Sorry I didn't tag you :( I was writing your name then I realized I already had five. I could have used you too but I felt like that went against the rules of the tag :P

    I understand the empathetic thing. I definitely do that too. I know it's sort of different, but movies are the worst for me... Up, The Notebook, all the usual suspects.

  2. Oh jane. You're so sweet. If only I knew you loved chips. We could maybe have had fiestas together? Chips everywhere. Highschool..how lame were we? =)

    Oh, and I too must confess your blog is by far one of my favourites. I surely do remember you getting teased for loving your English so much, but I would too if I had your talent! If you ever publish a book one day could you please send me a copy? thankkksss.

  3. Haha its okay! I got over it fast =)

    Movies are so awful for me too. I cried in Stuart Little when I was like eight when that stupid cat lied to Stuart and told him that the family was off celebrating that he was gone. Oh my word. I'm glad someone else is like me because its humiliating to cry at the silliest things sometimes!

  4. ohh Juhee. Perhaps we shall still have a fiesta and eat chips together. mmmmm.
    Everyone is lame in high school :) There is still time.
    And yes, of course you can have a book if I publish haha

  5. oh pretty please! that would be lovely. =)

  6. I love that you are emotional! I hated when I felt I had a sad story to tell and people automatically tried to make me feel better. Sometimes you just wanted someone who would let you let it out for awhile, and then try and make you feel better. You were always good at that. Thanks Jane :)

  7. You don't know me, but the fact that you felt bad for the raymond girls just brings a tear to my eye! You have warmed the cockles of my heart! Thanks so much!

  8. Anonymous person. I would just love if you would tell me who you are. hahaha :) and your welcome!


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