Yeah, you make me merry make me very very happy

So, I'd like to apologize for my somewhat negative posts the past few days. I'll try and make up for it right now.
I am just going to list things that make me smile..

being able to wake up early without being tired (its a rare occurrence for me)
beautiful weddings with beautiful brides.. such as Jordan
drives to Waterton with Sydnee
curtains that keep my room dark during my naps
mail in any form, just as long as its not a bill
dedicated bloggers
the anticipation of summer
purposely setting my alarm early so I can hit snooze a million times
hearing birds chirp for the first time in the spring
missionary experiences
the thought of soon being able to wear flats without my feet freezing 
blue toenail polish
summer clothing
that moment someone realizes they are in love with their best friend
not owing anyone money
catching up with high school friends for hours
bringing a friend to church
dressing up real nice
when Justin Bieber tweets
full moons
how Cody has changed sooo much in six weeks.. but is still his same quirky self at the same time
sun dresses
having a good hair day
being able to make people laugh
stealing Sydnee from school to go shopping 
wearing a new shirt for the first time
PDAs. Okay.. not when people are crazy... but when a couple is obviously in love and I happen to see them kiss a little bit, I seriously think it's just cute
young adult fiction
when my dad tells stories in great detail
puppies that fit inside purses
dark wash jeans
discussing politics with my parents (seriously its a good time)
fake engagement rings from Walmart
Cody's sense of humour
songs about summertime
the swing behind the Bayshore 
finding an song from a long time ago that you still remember every word to
the thought of a summer not spent at Subway
the smell of Chapters
hummer cologne
the giant piles of snow in Waterton
finding a perfect song for a perfect moment
remembering that one time I went to Vegas and Cali on a road trip with my favorite people in the world
finding money in my pocket unexpectedly
when Cody comes to visit me in my dreams
when people let me check my facebook on their super cool phones
when Rascal Flatts did a song with J Biebs
living in Canada
this article
the fact that people actually want to read my diploma essays
how it is extremely unusual for a week to go buy without having an in depth conversation with Spring
infecting people with Bieber Fever
when I have really weird dreams about horses and escalators

I started this post nine and a half hours before posting it. It took me a while to finish and I almost stopped many times altogether. I left and came back a few times. There really are lots of reasons to smile.. even if you just have to sit and think about what they are for a while..

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  1. my fav: when someone realizes they are in love with their best friend. :)


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