So blogging world. It has been one month since my best friend Cody left. I`d say the time has flown. I have accomplished quit a bit I believe.. including applying for my summer job, completely finishing my application for Harlingen, mailing in my passport to be renewed, making some new friends whom I am really beginning to just love, and making a huge mess out of my room. That last one there isn`t really a proud accomplishment.. but anyway.. I feel like it was a successful month; however, I realized there is just so much more I need to be accomplishing. .....So I stole this idea from Desiree.. but I am going to just make a list of a few goals I want to accomplish in the next month! I didn`t do new years resolutions this year, so I think I am going to start doing monthly goals. I feel like working on something for a month is less overwhelming then the entire year. Baby steps work well for me. =)

 March 9 - April 9th

- attack my messy room and keep it clean until I leave for Florida (I was going to say keep it clean forever but let`s be real.)
- figure out a Plan B incase my summer job doesn`t work out
- start making another quilt
- don`t go clothes shopping... not even once
- make an official budget.... 99% savings.. 1% other.. or something close to that
- clean my mom`s car
- donate something
- make Sunday dinner
- use that stupid treadmill that is sitting in my house. three times a week.
- I`ll throw in 100 sit ups three times a week just because it will be good for me.
- did I mention I need to stop shopping.. I am also adding no more eating out to that list.
- see J Biebs with Steph again
- don`t sleep in past ten, ever (I`ll aim for 9:30 next month.. maybe)
- finish choreographing the dances for my dance classes
- go to institute every single week

I`d say thats a pretty good list. 
Blog friends. I need your help. 
Remind me to keep working on these things please and thank you!.. 
and check up on me too.

ask for source.


  1. Yay for goals! :) And yay for one month!! :)

  2. jane. im proud.
    i like them all. except the 100 sit ups. I threw up when I read that. any form of exercise makes me gag.


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