So long.

The saddest thing happened.
 It really damaged my blogging pride.
 Unfortunately yesterday, in the matter of about an hour, I went from 54 followers to 51 followers. Apparently three of my creepers decided my blog was no longer worthy of following. I have no idea who stopped following my blog, but they truly shall be missed. I did get another follower again today and I am back up to 52, however, but I don't think my pride will be healed until I get past that 54 mark again. So sad. :(
Mysterious three people who stopped following me.. if you are reading this? I do notice that you are missing, and I am sorry if my blog posts offended you, or if they stopped tickling your fancy, or if you decided you had better things to do then creep on Simply Jane. I read through my post from yesterday that was posted just before your disappearance, and I just don't understand. I am sure you have your reasons and I can accept that.
I enjoyed our time together.
Although this is hard for me, I forgive you.
 I hope you enjoy your creepy time elsewhere from now on.

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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I know how it feels, I've lost a few too :( But the thing is, if you don't know who they are, they probably never commented or even read your blog. That sounds harsh, but I'm pretty sure the majority of my followers don't actually read my posts. I know they didn't stop following because of something you wrote, they had their own reasons. Probably stupid reasons.

    Sometimes people stop following, if you don't follow them. Childish and shallow.

    Actually, I know this one person who stopped following me out of the blue. I followed this person, and even commented on their blog, but one day they decided they just had enough of me.

    I hate to point this out, but people are also jealous. They see your beautiful blog with all of your wonderful followers, and your cute profile picture of the clouds and the shoes, and they want to stomp on that.

    Or it could be something as silly as a computer glitch.

    The important thing is to remember all the lovely followers that care and read and comment! That's what I remind myself when this happens to me :)


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