Today is a day to celebrate in my life. Really. I received my 50th follower. I promised my readers that I would dedicate an entire post to my 50th follower, so here it is. Chanel decided to take the plunge and be the 50th follower of Simply Jane. I LOVE Chanel's blog. She writes some incredible posts. Honestly, she always has something spectacular to say, and I enjoy reading her blog on an almost-daily basis. She even has a sense of humour that I didn't know about. Take a look if you please. =) You won't regret it.
Thank to Chanel, I have one less thing testing my patience. I truly believe this is a harbinger of many more good things to come.. hopefully including some mail with some excellent news about where I will be spending the next chapter of my life....

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  1. Oh so sweet. I had read that blog post a few days ago and forgot completely about you dedicating a blog post to the 50th follower. Needless to say I feel so honored.


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