My definition of love?

Love is:
happy. sad. blissful. beautiful. creative. anxious. thoughtful. patient. hurtful. selfless. unconditional. forever. hard. perfect. easy. confusing. horrible. gentle. funny. adventurous. dizzy. red. dramatic. under rated. pathetic. cute. darling. lovely. sappy. romantic. cheesy. gaggy. misunderstood. everywhere. bonding. lost. invigorating. non-judgemental. forgotten. pure. melodious. devoted. time-consuming. miraculous. protective. magical. comfortable. nerve-wracking. ever-lasting. dreamy. friendly. complicated. stressful. overly anticipated. rushed. prolonged. taken-advantage of. overused. underused. personal. young. compassionate. sincere. envied. shy. heavenly. fearless. simple.

source undisclosed.

but mostly?
I think love is simply worth waiting for.

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