it was a good day.

It was a perfect day. Not one of those days where everything fell into place, or one of those days that something unusually epic happened. Everything was just right. It was peaceful. It was happy, and it was beautiful. It was serene and relaxing, and it was simply wonderful.
I have never been more proud of any of my friends as I was today watching Cody Clay speak. He is going to be the best missionary.. and yes, of course I am going to miss him... he is my best friend. He is my rock and my vault. He knows all my secrets, and I think he knows me better than anyone. I will miss him, yes, but I can't wait for him to leave.. because there is nowhere else in the world he needs to be. =) 

On the other hand, life is a never ending puzzle these days. Things that make me completely joyful have the ability to fill me with sadness. Things that hurt me, seem to somehow make me happy. Things that I used to find important have slowly dropped to the bottom of my priority list, and things that used to linger on the back burner of my brain have scooted their way to the front and center of my thoughts. Every day I become increasingly scared of life to carry forward, but at the same time, the days can't go fast enough.  Things I was once sure I wanted have become the very things I want least in life. I seem to just get one thing figured out, but it doesn't matter because another mystery appears.. a mystery bigger and scarier and more complicated and harder to solve. I suppose that keeps things exciting; however, as puzzling as life is, I have found that from day to day, some things just fit, no matter what.

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