I hope you know, I can hear what you are saying.

source undisclosed.

Please. Continue. I'm fully aware of what you are saying. 

I'm flattered that you find me interesting enough to waste your life making sure everyone knows just what is going on in mine.

Gossip and judge
 until the day you die... it sure as heck isn't going to change the outcome of my life,
 is it?
...but it might change the outcome of yours? 
Jus a thought.

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  1. It's like that saying..

    "Keep talking sh--, it's just making me famous"

    ever heard it?

    I dislike people like this.. It makes me stop and think.. 'Oh my goodness, you must have a really sad life.. if you have to include me in your conversation to make it far more interesting than it normally would be.'

    ugh, drama.

    some people, just need a life.

    - Josabet.


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