Sometimes, I like to just turn my phone off, lock the door to my room, and be by myself.
I have these thick, dark brown curtains, you see. Perfect for all day naps.  But, I can't do that. Because if I turn my phone off, people will freak out or something, because apparently there is a problem with turning my phone off.

Sometimes the distractions of the outside world make me crazy.
Having to run errands, the beeping of the snow plow early in the morning, line ups in grocery stores.. its all madness. I have no problem laying on the floor of my bedroom with music blasting, and doing absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I wish texting didn't exist.
Having a cell phone is so great sometimes. It makes you 100% accessible, all the time... which presents a problem. What if I don't want to be available all the time? Everyone says, "just don't text back," I know. But you know what happens then? Another text, and a duplicate, and a phone call, and another text. Seriously people. I'm contemplating breaking my phone in half.

Sometimes I feel like my personal space has been invaded.
Everyone seems to think they know everything. People I once trusted have spread my inner most pains and  happinesses until they have become stories used for entertainment. Seriously. I have to stop telling things to people.

Sometimes people don't understand these things about me... which is fine. Some people are different. Some people want to be social all day every day and constantly want to be talking with someone or spreading the latest gossip or running or playing or chatting or being on the phone. It's really not a big deal. That's just not me. Sure, there are days when I just feel like being a social butterfly, but sometimes I just like chilling by myself. It's really not a huge deal. Just accept it.

Sometimes people think something is wrong with me, and I hate that, because there isn't anything wrong. They keep asking whats going on with me over and over and over until I want to scream, because nothing was wrong, I just wanted to be alone, and now, something is wrong, because some people just won't  let me have that.

ask for source.

Seriously. Since when was saying no to a hangout such a crime? 

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