A moment. 

Naturally, my first thought was my favorite romantic moment, because that is just the typical thing for me to think as a result of the movies I have seen and the books I have read. I figured I write enough romantical things enough on here to probably make some people gag, so I'm going to pass on the whole romance thing for today. I think I deserve a pat on the back for getting past the point in my life where being in love was the center of everything; however, my lack of maturity reveals itself in the rest of this post. I guess I'm a work in progress.

I had an interesting moment recently. I was having a bad day. Okay, yeah.. I've had a few lately.. not a big deal. I hope they are good from now on. Anyway. I was lucky enough to have a friend by my side through my rough day. This friend was kind and as understanding as possible through my ridiculous and stubborn attitude throughout the day. I was already embarrassed enough for having a bad day and being upset at some things that were honestly so silly. One of those days that the stupidest things just make you cry? Maybe someone out there can relate. Anyway. I was still in a slightly bad/humiliated mood when I started heading home. It wasn't exactly a storm off sort of exit, but it wasn't pleasant either. I am extremely stubborn, you see, and even though I felt better, I wasn't ready to get rid of my frown. Stupid, I know. I'm working on it. Sometimes the seven year old inside of me just comes out in the worst of times. So as I'm driving away with a pout on my face, my friend is following me in their own vehicle heading home as well. Well. I drove my car off the side of the road into about 4 feet of snow in the ditch. I wasn't going fast. This wasn't a car accident or anything, just due to ice and wind and lack of visibility.. the car just kind of slumped into the snow. I was already embarrassed for being in a bad mood and for having a bad day and for complaining and for pouting and for being miserable. I just closed my eyes and hoped with everything inside of me that maybe my friend wouldn't notice and would just keep driving right past me?... Well, no such luck. I turn around to see the biggest smile on my friend's face. Thank you for that. What a peach. Kind of ironic, really. I attempt to leave harshly and can't even make my fast getaway. Serves me right. =) I was eventually able to smile about it, thanks to a lot of things. Thank you friend for helping me get un-stuck in a number of different ways on my stupid bad day.

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