My Day Day?
 Okay. What the heck does that even mean? I truly am stumped.. So I will just write a post about a few of my thoughts. 

Today I taught some three and four year olds how to point their toes and jump at the same time. I have a new appreciation for people who are naturally born coordinated... but also those who aren't.. because it is just so dang cute.

I got a letter in the mail a while back from an Elder Wadsworth serving in West Virginia. I have never met him.. but it was nice of him to write. Word is he got transferred, so I'm not sure how he expects me to write back...

I reeeeeeally don't like when people lie to me.. and okay. Sometimes things that are said aren't actual "lies".. but still deceitful. That makes me just as sad.

Who doesn't miss the way things used to be on the odd occasion? I do. If you don't, please tell me your secret. Thanks.

I went visiting teaching for my first time today. It went exactly how you'd expect visiting teaching to go.

Spring is living across the ocean from me but she still knows every daily occurrence in my life and hears about my astonishing discoveries from facebook. Even though I can't text her.. everything else is the same. Minus going to Firestone and Starbucks. =(

Have you seen Country Strong? No? Okay stop what you are doing and go see it. It's seriously so good. Hands down, best movie I've seen in a long time. It was the kind of movie that would be entertaining to watch me watch. Seriously. I wouldn't wipe the smile off my face the whole thing. It just put me in theeee best mood, ever!

Speaking of Country Strong... there is some great country  music from it. Even if you aren't a fan of country music.. you should take a look. My sister hated country music her whole life but.. she even bought the album. I highly recommend Give Into Me by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester. I'm just obsessed with the whole album now. I will probably be talking more about this movie in the near future.

Today was that day of cleaning the drain in my shower. I seriously wonder if I lose more hair in the shower than others. I'm kind of concerned.

Sydnee slept in my bed last weekend. She brought ketchup chips and I like her for that.

Okay so last time I recommended a movie to someone.. the movie was All About Steve. Some of my best friends and I went, and we were just in the perfect mood to see it. Everyone who we recommended it to.. along with most of the world.. seems to think it was awful. Hahaha so maybe Country Strong won't be the best ever but... very quite possibly okay! I'm serious about this one.. and even other people seem to agree.

A lady gave the best talk in church on Sunday. It was about the importance of not being judgemental. Seriously.. It really got to me. It brought me to tears and I hope I can do better in that area. I also hope in return, less people will judge me.

Speaking of judgements. For anyone out there who has seen me or heard of me do anything you didn't like? I'd really appreciate it if you would stop judging me for that. We all have our flaws, yeah? We all make mistakes. I am who I am, and I've been who I have been. The point is, I am trying hard to be a better person and a more mature person, and I really would appreciate it if everyone would stop giving me such a hard time for things I've done in the past or ways I've acted. Word spreads so quickly these days you know. It is tough to hear people mocking things I have done such a long time ago. Things people don't truly know much about. =(

I miss Waterton.. and last summer.. and the summer before.. and the summer before.. and all the people associated with all of that.

I don't like swimming. I don't get the point. You just jump in the water.. then what? I prefer laying next to the ocean for 8 consecutive hours and not moving except from my back to my front.

I just wrote a whole bunch of things on this blog post earlier today and they didn't all save and I'm really mad because some were good but I forget what they were.

I bought a pair of $90.00 jeans and a pair of $6.00 tights in the same week. Guess which ones I have worn more? Yep. The tights. I think I might save some money and cut back on my jeans purchases.

A lot of people have been blog bashing Simply Jane. That's fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but seriously. This is my blog.. so don't read it if you don't like what I have to say. Problem solved?

Sometimes things that happened forever ago have a way of resurfacing. It's surprising how much things I thought once were buried with the weeks and months and years haven't changed a bit. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

I miss being in school a little bit. I hope next fall comes quick.

Did I mention how sad it makes me when people lie? And then they get caught in it but they straight up just deny it?... I don't lie to you.. why do you lie to me?

It has been decided that I will be travelling to England in 2012 for the Olympics with Spring. This isn't just a hope and dream either.. I am fairly certain of this one.

It was a hard day today. I hope tomorrow is better.

source undisclosed.


  1. i LOVED! all about steve, so im pretty sure country strong is gonna be amazing! cant wait to see it

  2. Jane, I'm pretty sure everyone who saw All About Steve and thought it was awful has a horrible sense of humor I love it. I thought the stupidest things were hilarious & whoever is blog bashing you I shall hunt down and give them a piece of my mind because your blog is one of my favorite, you say a lot of things I would like to say but can never put into words. You really have a talent for writing even if your post is only a sentence long. Keep it up girl :)


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