Guess what.

Challenge? Yeah. I'm done. I don't want to do that anymore. 

I had the worst week last week, and I think this week might potentially be completely the opposite. First of all, I don't have to wake up tomorrow morning with a six on the clock for the second time since November and I am feeling great about that. And.. I started a project. I am making a quilt! Hahaha. Okay but really. I have this best friend in the world who just happens to be travelling to Puerto Rico for two years, and so I am making him a blanket to take with him. I will be sure to upload pictures once the project is complete. I don't really know where this side of me came from, but apparently I like making things and I am getting all sentimental with it. Weird. I'm like growing up or something. Maybe not though.

Speaking of travelling to Puerto Rico for two years.. I been thinking... what the heck am I going to do without Cody? I am nothing but excited for him to be there because it truly will be the best experience ever.. but really. Who's going to make me smile when I'm grumpy? Or be willing to go to Wendys any hour of the night with me? Or lose to me at monopoly? Or bring me mini eggs? Or drive with me while I run errands? Or wait while I clean my bathroom every day? Or clean the snow off from my car? Or make sure I know when the Flames play? Or drive my car when I don't want to? Or keep me sane when I'm going crazy? Or start my car twenty minutes before I go home? Or listen to all my weird music? Or let me steal their clothes? Or take ugly pictures with me?

I call this one the big smile head lock...(except Cody doesn't know how to smile as big as me..)

Any takers? These are some pretty big shoes to fill.. just saying... 

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