My Best Friend.
Hmm. Well, I have had a lot of "best friends" through the years. I can't say that in my life I have had just one best friend. I guess I can go through them all... there are a lot. 
Just a side note first here. Just because my "best" friends change every year here.. isn't saying I lost touch with any of the friends previously mentioned or suddenly wasn't friends with them. I just became "closer" with others. You know how life is.. I am just associating the people I remember most with each grade.

My first best friend was Dallin. He lived next door since I was born. He was also my only friend, and I'm pretty sure I was his only friend. His mom used to babysit me. Sometimes I don't think we even liked each other, but we still played every day. The day I got sent to get babysat on the east hill was a little bit heartbreaking. Needless to say, here we are, 19 years later, living next door, and hanging out almost every day. It's certainly been on and off through the years, but he and I certainly go way back.

Breanne Strang was my best friend in kindergarden. We would sit together on the bus and go play at each other's houses. That's about all I can remember.

Nicole Peters, Nicole Parker, and Lauren Smith. Grade one. I loved the Nicole's, and who didn't love Lauren? We were all in the same class, so naturally we were all friends.

Grade two, I wasn't in the same class as anybody I previously new, and I remember being best friends with Kaycee Romeril (Bevans) and Shelise Day Chief. I have a story I wrote in grade two about a squirrel and a monkey named Kaycee and Shelise. Hahaha.

Grade two.. okay yeah I got held back. I was born in Dec 1991.. so I was like beyond the youngest in the grade.. you know, that September deadline.. it happened the year I started school. Anyway. There were kids in the grade below me that were older than me, and I was small anyway, so there you go. Grade two. Tessa Merrill. Enough said.

Grade three. Tessa Merrill. We used to sit together and switch all of our workbooks and do each other's work all morning. I guess its safe to admit to that one now. This year I also became very good friends with Becky Quinton, Karen Low, and Jillian Boyson. Looking back it's funny to see how you become besties with the girls in your class.

Grade four. Malarie Bevans, Stephanie Redford, Jillian Boyson. I don't remember how me and Mal became so tight, but I remember we sat together and we asked Steph to come color with us. Such a tender moment.

Grade five. Karlee Cahoon, Malarie Bevans, Bianca Alcock, Stephanie Redford. I am pretty sure that Steph and I lived at Bianca's house every single weekend of this year, and the next.

Bianca Alcock, Stephanie Redford, Malarie Bevans: grade 6. We just thought we were all so cool you know. But I did love these girls wtih all my heart.

Grade seven.. I don't even remember. This was a big transformation year for me I think. I lost some friends, made some new ones, but I think for the most part, I was the tightest with Steph and Mal. I think this was the first year I really was heartbroken, and it was over the loss of a friendship. I guess thats the beginning of Junior High though.. hahaha

Grade eight. Steph and Mal. Ohhh the good days. Tessa as well. I remember doing a lot of projects with her in Mrs. Baxter's science class.. and Mr. Ralph's social class.

Grade nine. Stephanie Redford, Malarie Bevans, Katelyn Remington,  Michelle Zemp, Karlee Cahoon, Kelson Roe, Braden Moojalsky. I didn't play sports anymore, so didn't get to spend as much time with Malarie as I used to. I did stats for the football team, and Karlee and I became very close, as we both fell in love with boys on the team. The rest just all seemed to happen.

Grade ten. Braden Moojalsky, Kelson Roe, Michelle Karlee Steph Kate. You know. 

Grade eleven. Steph. Karlee. Kate. Michelle. This was a fun year for us. I don't even remember why, but I liked grade eleven. It was different.

Grade twelve. Steph. Karlee. Kate. Michelle. Spring. Jordan. Cody. This was a crazy year. I was tight with the girls as usual, and Spring was certainly my go-to girl about every single problem I encountered, but Jordan was that guy who told me everything, and I told him everything. It was freaky how well he knew me and I knew him considering the limited amount of time we spend together. He was that friend that I could not see for two months, but then we'd hangout and it was like nothing had changed. I was lucky to have him take me to grad after a really complicated, messed up year. Cody came along about halfway through, and although we weren't necessarily best friends to begin with, it certainly ended up that way by the summer. I actually wrote a whole post about him being my best friend right here.  I am going to miss Cody a lot when he leaves in a couple weeks. We've been through a lot and even though I am SO excited for him to be a missionary, it will be a hard goodbye.

Right now, my best friends are probably Cody, Dallin, and Steph. Of course, along with many others, but I spend the most time with them. I love all my friends, and I wouldn't change anything that's happened.

It's sad to think life just sends the best of friends in their separate ways.. and we can't do anything about it. Somedays I miss some of my lost friendships terribly. Somedays the hurt is still there, but overall, I can just smile at the different happinesses each of my many different friends have brought into my life, and know that they are now bringing happinesses into others' lives.

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  1. oh how i wish to make it into your "right now" best friends list. I miss you jane. and summers.


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