Okay this is my second post today. That's not like me. Things just keep happening. My blog has kind of become my way of dealing with everything? Anyway. Today was a bad day. I try really hard not to have bad days, but today I just couldn't win. Okay, maybe it's just me.. but have you ever just felt entirely alone on something? I have strong religious beliefs and know that truly no one is ever alone, but there is something else about confiding in a close friend. Today, I was struggling with something. I turned to a friend. Apparently it wasn't the friend to turn to. I felt awful for a few reasons. First, I felt awful for just everything that was going on. Second, I felt bad for expecting this friend to understand just what I was trying to say. Third. I felt awful because I was in no position to be asking this person for help with something they clearly knew nothing about. More or less, it was a low point in life. Embarrassed? Yeah. I am. Anyway. It ended up for the worst in more ways than one. Today I think was the start of a new chapter in my life. One I am a little bit scared of, but at the same time.. it is a chapter I've anticipated for a long time.. and something I kind of always new was coming. I guess it's just time to see where I do with this newfound discovery in life. That's all.

OH. Also. Today, I wrote a song. Maybe someday I will share, but that is certainly not today.


  1. i really like that quote! and also the fact that we have matching "i am mormon" buttons.

  2. Jane.

    As I sit here and type this, I've been able to take a deep breath.. and with great compassion, I am able to say, I LITERALLY know EXACTLY how you feel. Today was a horrible day, for me as well. For so many reasons, some of which are important and some that are not.. these past few day, & especially TODAY.. I've been feeling as if there's NO way out.. NONE.. It's like you feel captured within yourself.. and no matter what you do, you can't better your state of mind... Here in Texas.. it rained all day and was gloomy.. and dark.. it only made me feel worse.

    I hope you have a nice evening.

    & forget about today..

    because tomorrow, it'll be history.

    In times like these I think about this quote I once encountered at an Art festival downtown..

    'Things will be okay in the end.. and if they're not okay.. it's not the end..'


    - Josabet.


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