Miss Jane

So, I got a new title. 
I am officially Miss Jane.
Some people know what this means, and some don't. For those of you in the world that don't know what that means, I will tell you. That means I am a dance teacher.
Love, love, love.
I feel like telling the story of how I arrived here.

Dancing in my life had a late start. When I was four, I started gymnastics. I enjoyed that for a good four or five years when I first became curious about dance lessons. I became friends with Tessa and I knew she was taking dance. I remember watching her recital, and I wanted to be doing that as well. My parents decided to let me give it a try. My first class was Jazz, where I danced to the song Miracles Happen from Princess Diaries. I just had the best time. We threw sparkles and confetti in the air—brilliant, right? Best.Dance.Ever... courtesy of Miss Cheryl. The next year I started in a class with Tessa. I was just taking one class, and Miss Cheryl decided I was capable of being in her class. I thought otherwise. I knew the girls in that class had been dancing for six and seven years and I hated being behind. I'm sure if I would have stuck with it, I would have been fine eventually, but I was just eleven and I didn't like being behind. I stopped dancing. That year I started succeeding in track and field. I didn't know it, but apparently I was a sprinter. I started thinking about playing sports instead, and so it was, my life turned in that direction. I played volleyball, basketball, and badminton in grade seven and eight, along with track. 

Yup. That's me. I played sports. Hard to believe, right?

Zones when I was in grade 8. I had such a love hate relationship with track.

Apparently I wasn't too terrible. 

Volleyball was my favorite, with track following close behind. I guess that is a stretch, I actually hated track because it made me so nervous, but I loved being successful at something. I loved being apart of a team of athletes. The idea entered my mind of maybe playing high school sports. I'm not sure I ever would have made it there.. Jr High and High School sports are clearly different.. =) I certainly wasn't the star of the teams, but I felt I was well rounded enough athletically. Most importantly, I didn't see myself being the worst on the team. When I was fourteen, I remember watching the dance recital again. By that point, my best friend, Stephanie Redford, had been dancing for a few years. I remember watching all of the girls up on stage, and I wished that I hadn't given up so easily. I enjoyed playing sports, but I wished I was up there dancing instead. That following year, I didn't try out for any sports teams. I knew there were other people who wanted to be on the teams more than I did, and I was ready to try something new.
The next year, I decided to start taking tap. Since Steph had never taken tap before, and either had Jordan, we decided to all start together. It was such a fun year. We certainly had some good laughs. I'll never forget the time Jordan fell on her face doing pick-ups and the first time we attempted turning while tapping. Miss Cheryl ever-so-politely just smiled and turned off the music with no further comment. =) I was seriously the studios biggest fan. I loved being at the dress rehearsal all day and watching every single number over and over, even though I was only in one class.
That year at recital, everyone asked why I wasn't taking more classes. I knew I would be behind, but I wanted to stick with it. Even if I had been inconsistent, I didn't care. I wanted to be apart of the dance academy here in Cardston.

I joined ballet, jazz, lyrical, and even started pointe. I never looked back. 
I so appreciate Miss Jodi and Miss Cheryl for putting up with my insecurities and doubts when it came to dancing and having faith that I had the talent to keep up with the girls who had been dancing for so long.

Lyrical Trio with besties - T-Shirt

Jazz - Turn the Beat Around

Ballet - Masquerade

Lyrical - Fireflies 

I'd say it was a successful year, and I completely fell in love.

This year, as my life has changed entirely, I found myself back at the dance studio with the opportunity to teach the Tiny Tots ballet class, along with co-teaching another ballet class, and a tap class. Last week I helped Miss Hannah teach a couple of her classes, and was first introduced as Miss Janeen. It was the most darling experience ever, and I am completely in love with the little dancers already. I can hardly wait for next week.


  1. i love your dance pictures! i always wished that i did dance! instead i played rugby..haha.

  2. i'm so jealous janeen! i miss teaching so so much..


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