Well. I believe today is the day for me to write to "someone I don't talk to as much as I'd like to.."
It being 10/10/10 and all, I realized I had the perfect post. There are 10 girls I don't talk to as much as I'd like to. 9 cheerleaders + 1 coach in fact.
A couple years ago, I dedicated the majority of my life to these girls. I spent weekends with these girls, I spent after schools with these girls, sometimes I spent my mornings with these girls, and I loved it.

Stephanie French
Breanne Strang
Brandi Mackenzie
Katelyn Remington
Chelan McMurray
Tessa Merrill
Karlee Cahoon
Jordan Crawford
Michelle Zemp
Cheryl McMurray

Remember how we lost one of the letters to CHS?
Remember how the janitor hated us?
Remember when we lost pom poms?
Remember when Chelan sang Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning every time we had early morning practice?
Remember starting practice at 7:14, not 7:15?
Remember measuring our splits by the squares on the floor of the multi-purpose room?
Remember when we put the CHS Decal on the Raymond bus?
Remember stealing all of the pillows and hiding them on the balcony?
Remember how Michelle would always order pizza for all of us?
Remember when Kate picked that lock?
Remember trips to the hotel that the Raymond boys were staying at?
Remember how sore we were the day after we had to fall from standing up and catch ourselves? Ouch..
Remember how at zones the boys from Magrath almost didn't let us sit in our seats and the 10 of us jammed ourselves onto 9 chairs?
Remember when the elevator broke down at LCI? hahah
Remember how hard the hitch was?
Remember when someone from Raymond called out, "Is that all you got?" and we all smiled because our routine was just getting better from there? We sure showed him.
Remember the bruises on Breanne's legs from learning that clapping thing..
Remember how when Anna would come we would quickly start warming up so she'd think we were all stretched out?
Remember when Cheryl taught us the funky chicken cheer?
Remember how amazing Luther was?
Remember when we beat Raymond at a home game and we all pretty much started crying?
Remember doing the Dynamite cheer with the Magrath Cheerleaders?
Remember beating Harry Ainlay and crying about it?
Remember the giant pyramid with the basketball team?
Remember having photoshoots in the other schools?
Remember our adrenaline levels after nailing our performance at Alumni?

Because I sure do. These are the 10 someones who I don't talk to as much as I'd like to, or as much as I used to. I miss cheer. Thanks for making our year just the best ever.

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  1. Ok, so I tried to make a comment, but didn't know how to do it without being 'anonymous' haha so this is the cheer nazi telling you that I love this post and LOVED coaching you all and I have the BEST memories! I laughed hard reading some of your memories Janeen. Certainly some ridiculous moments hey? But the good/great moments clearly outweigh the tough times. Some day we will have to have a cheer reunion with all 3 years involved :)


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