forgive me please :)

Day 13: Someone who I wish would forgive me

Dear Deseret Mutual Insurance Company:
I hope you forgive me for applying for your insurance, getting sick literally hours later, seeing many doctors and getting many prescriptions, and then leaving the country and expecting you to pay. That's what you are for though, you know? Also. I'm sorry that I am currently not an enrolled full time student at BYU. I was at the time and the doctors sent me home.  Honest! Please.. forgive me... but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be enrolled as a full time student when I got sent home.. and trust me when I say I was still a student when all of this happened! lfajdslkfja!

Dear Central Utah Clinic:
I'm really sorry that you have been unable to contact me by phone. I realize this must be frustrating but I haven't been using my American phone because that would only result in yet another bill...

Dear Utah Valley Regional Medical Center:
I'm sorry that Deseret Mutual Insurance says that I'm not covered. I promise I am. Please forgive me.. and trust me. They even sent me a card with my insurance information and identification number! We're really trying to figure it out..

Dear Central Utah Surgical Center:
Dr. Bodily was so nice and I liked that his name was Dr. Bodily? hahaha.. and so was your anesthesiologist. You had even been to Cardston and made me laugh until you put me to sleep. Please forgive me for not paying you yet for my surgical procedure. I promise that we are working on getting it figured out.. It's just really confusing okay!

Forgive me for getting sick?

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