seven boys.

Day 7 - ex boyfriend/girlfriend/crush

Wellll. I suppose this day will be dedicated to my ex-boyfriends. Yes, plural. How do I pick just one? I have a feeling this post is going to be an interesting one, because I find myself slightly nervous to be writing it....I will start at the beginning.

Dear Jon.
You were my very first boyfriend. I'm so glad we paved the way for hand holding and awkward relationships and were able to sometimes sit by each other at basketball games. You really made my life exciting you know? Thanks for the charm bracelet... and everything else in grade six. Cards at recess, passing notes... which reminds me. I sure appreciate the "I'm sorry for stealing your science fair project idea" note. Honestly, it was adorable. I still have it. You were a great boyfriend for my twelve year old self. I'll never forget how in love we were. =)

Dear Ryan.
Well, we had a great couple weeks. Thank you for making grade seven so perfect for that little while. I'm sorry that Justin Beazer had to overhear our conversation of making things "official" and break the news to your father. Perhaps if I would have been a little bit more mature we could have had this conversation in private. Also.. perhaps if I would have been a little bit more mature things wouldn't have ended so abruptly. All in all, I'm glad we have been able to salvage our friendship and look past the things that happened. You're just great!

Dear Braden.
We had a good run, I'd say. Perhaps we were a big deal, starting out in J-High and even lasting to high school! That might even be looked upon as an accomplishment. Thanks for making me learn the rules to football and for influencing my life for the better. I really do look back on us and smile. You were just such a great friend to me, even when I got sick and was pouty and cranky. Also.. maybe your mom doesn't know this is even a possibility yet, but sorry if I gave you mono. You were such a trooper. You honestly are a special guy with a whole lot of potential.

Dear Payden.
Yeah. This happened! We were pretty epic, I'd say. Thank you for my teddy bear, and for making me have a lovely Valentine's Day in Saskatchewan. You were excellent at keeping me company you know, and I believe we were quite the couple. Left side, #2 I believe? Shame it didn't work out, but I think we both moved on okay? Sorry that I was a little bit selfish. I hope you forgive me. I think you are fabulous and funny, and I'm glad we are still friends.. even if you use me for golf passes? =) jusss kidding.

Dear Jordan.
I really liked dating you. Simple as that. We didn't actually date for too long, but I guess everything else that came after that? I loved being apart of your life and having you in mine. You were sure something special, and you still are. I hope you don't forget that. Thanks for the perfect summer memories and teaching me what it was like to just go for things and not look back. Also, thank you for letting me know that fruity is better than minty. =) Sorry things finally ended the way they did, and are the way they are. If it means anything, I'll never listen to any of those countless songs without thinking of you.

Dear Jordie.
I think we all know that this was just the best.. hahah. I loved dating you, I really did. You really helped me forget a lot of the things that were bothering me at a tough time in my life. We certainly had a good time. I'll never forget the cow, the clubhouse, sherpa, the bamboo shoots.. hahaha. Anyway. I'm sorry if I perhaps damaged some of the other.. relationships in your life at the time, but I'm super glad things went back to how they should be for you. Sometimes you just have to stick with the original chair, right? ... All in all, no regrets!

Dear Cody.
Yep. You are my most recent ex-boyfriend. Thanks for putting up with a whole lot of stuff you shouldn't have had to put up with. You are honestly the most forgiving and understanding and selfless person I have ever met.. seriously. Thanks for introducing me to all your roommates and for always wanting to hang out and always having such a good time no matter what. I'm so glad that we have now become such great friends, no matter what it took to get us here. You have the best sense of humour, and thanks for somehow never failing to find my smile. 

With lotsa love,
Simply Jane

That was more boys than I thought. Oops? I just love you all, honestly. I hope you are all living just fabulous lives and perhaps look back at our relationships with a smile, because I know I sure do.

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  1. I just keep reading this cuz it is just so fun.


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