Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory

Favorite memory. How appropriate on a day such as today.  How do I pick one? Make that plural please. Memories, yes. There are many. And they are all my favorites.

- perfect weather - kool-aid optimism - two truths and a lie - town square - trying to drive - climbing the tower - cruising - i swear - the backyard couch - dark eyes - not wanting to work on july 1 - almost going into trappers for introductions - stealing kisses - dinner with the neighbours - Rambo - meeting halfway - calling out fireworks - the creepy shed in your backyard - lightning storms - bedtime stories - echo lake - coyotes - getting pushed in the lake - mint mojito - the movies - weak knees and spinning circles - songs songs songs - making big decisions - playing cards - pointless fights - songs songs songs - talkin on the phone - meeting halfway - darius rucker - not actually going to lethbridge - hockey games - mexico - songs songs songs - summer was our time for love, but then it all fell apart - tarzan and jane - skype - learning to wrestle - how could anyone be mad? - nick lachey - the numbing/tingling sensation in my bottom lip - frogger's - going to dq - not getting twenty five cent blizzards - the couches at the u of l - chilling in the parkinglot - the soundtrack birthday gift - henderson - saying hello to everyone - laying on the bench with our heads together - dance competition - spinning in the best hug - the last song - henderson in the rain - tie shopping - chinese food at the mall - may long weekend - corsage picking - grad - piling extra food on my plate that i didn't want - pictures (sorry) - driving your truck - the dance - summer - fall - 

So. Dear You.
Thanks for the memories. They aren't going to change even as you and I continue to change. Thanks for being so great and for being such the best example. Thank you, today, for once again showing me what is truly important in life. You seem to have done that a lot since we met. I hope you know just how much I appreciate it. 
With love always,
Simply Jane

My dear friend Michelle showed me this song today. I thank her continuously for being inspired for sharing it with me because it is a good one. I thank her for knowing me so well that she knew I would love this song. She is the best at finding music.

Been a Long Day by Rosi Golan
"It's been a long day, and I just wanna hide away. It's been a long week, I'm finally feeling like it's okay to break. It's been a long year, and I'm finally ready to be here."

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