dear pester-er

Day 19 - Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad.

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Pester-er: —noun: 1. One who pesters.

Why would I choose to write on someone who pesters my mind in a bad way? As we can see from the above picture posted, this pester is a good thing.

Dear You, the Pest.

You pester my mind, yes. Sometimes you creep in when I least expect it. You sneak into my thoughts leaving me with the lamest of crooked grins plastered across my face. Then I blush and realize that I am being lame again and I try to pretend the whole thing didn't even happen. I really don't know how you do it, because so much of the time you drive me crazy... Okay, so I suppose maybe you do pester my mind in a bad way as well. Not in the bad way such as.... I sit here and plot ways to destroy your life. I don't even sit and grit my teeth at the thought of your existence. I don't seethe in anger or even contemplate why in heavens you sometimes act the way you do. There is no conniving, no undermining, no manipulating, and no games. Not even close. I guess the pestering in "bad way" pretty much means... I don't understand how somebody that drives me as completely insane as you do at such odd hours of the day, always leaves me with a smile. Through everything, the disagreements, the misunderstandings, the silences, whatever it is, you always find a way to find my smile. Thank you for whatever it is about you that keeps me drinking a glass half full of kool-aid on the rainiest of days. Thank you for pestering my mind and making my world so... lovely. You can  just continue to pester my mind if you'd like. It's alright by me.

With love always,
Simply Jane.


  1. You are so talented Jane. I'm continuously impressed.

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