Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Yeah. There was one that hurt me a little bit more than all the rest, but my dear friend Spring stated, "The very reason for her greatest joy has been her deepest sorrow." Indeed, I do believe this to be true.

Dear You.

I try not to think about the hurt anymore, because is truly doesn't matter right now, does it? Sorry it has taken me so long to be understanding. I almost feel like I shouldn't even be writing this post because, well, why dwell on such things? 
It truly is in the past, but I guess I can't just opt out of the 30-day challenge once I hit day 20. So yes, here is a little picture  that pulled at my heart strings.

And yes, you were my deepest sorrow, but only because first, you were my greatest joy.

I could fly.

So all in all, not a big deal right? Everything kinda equals out.
Loveeely. =)

With love,
Simply Jane

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