october fourteenth

I have to say I am getting tired of writing these. I'm sure they are getting dull to read as well, so please don't put yourself through this if you are getting sick of seeing a post from me every single day. It is sort of something I just have to finish I suppose. I'm almost half done!

Someone you've drifted away from - Day 14
There is certainly a list of people I have drifted away from. This saddens me a little bit, but I guess thats what happens after high school. Basically, I have drifted away from everyone actually.. besides my family and a few close friends. I think this particular week I will focus on one in particular, with no names of course.

Dear You,
At first, I really hated that you are the one I felt strongly to post about today. Drifting apart? That sounds so sad. After I thought about it for a minute, I realized that maybe this is okay. 
I can't remember a time before we were friends. I was thinking about this, and literally if I think of what my life consisted of before our friendship, I honestly just feel like it is another person's life. I don't know the girl I used to be. I think us drifting apart is okay, because even though circumstances and location and life in general has made it so we are unable to continue being best friends the way we have been before, I just know we will always be friends. This isn't one of those friendships that is going to just disappear with the minutes on the clock. Drifting apart is just going to be a way for us to prove that our friendship is an important one, and one that isn't going to die out because we aren't together 24/7.. or even at all. So maybe physically it feels like we are drifting apart, because maybe we are... but there is so much more to us then that. We don't need to be together to be friends. I'm not even worried, and you shouldn't either. =)
With love,
Simply Jane

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