so what if I have a cyber friend?

Dear You,
Ok. So you are more than a cyber friend. But you are in-fact the first one who came to mind when I realized today was the day I write about my favorite internet friend. I think you know who you are. The internet has kept us friends I think. If anyone were able to write a biography of my life, it would be you. You are one of the best, you know? Not the best friend that I hang out with every spare minute, or the first friend I call. You are the vault. You are the internet friend. The texting friend, the Moxie's friend and the friend I would honestly be soo lost without. Our friendship thrives on secrets. Those deepest darkest secrets that we don't tell to anyone else. Those secrets that you just have to let out or else you will literally explode. You are the one who knows all of mine. Next to the deepest darkest secrets, there is the side notes. The every day little occurrences in our daily lives that we just have to share with each other, because we are the only two who will understand. Beyond that, there is the creeping, the perfect songs, The Notebook, the summer, stories, the time your car disappeared.. and everything else that came along with that night, the To-Do lists, the night you lost your keys, the celebrations of when people get married, the blog stalking, the stat counters, and the stories that are hidden behind all of those things. You are an inspiring writer, and you are confident in me. You remind me that I am great, and that I deserve great. You appreciate my small obsessions.. however quirky they may be, and fully approve of everything I do and say. You listen to me rant for hours and hours at a time, and I appreciate that so much. I hope you know I love listening to you rant for hours and hours at a time. You are almost like a sister in a sense.. the way things freakishly happen to us all at the same time? The things that bother us, the things that make us smile. The things that give us the heebies? Anyway. Thanks for surviving the past fifteen months with me.. and for dying right alongside me, every step of the way. Thanks for listening when I decide to close doors, but not judging me when I leave them unlocked. It's been real great.. You are the perfect friend. I'm sure we will talk again soon. =)

With love,
Simply Jane

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  1. Well here I am grinning with tears in my eyes.


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