Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression

Dear You,

I'm sorry. 
I suppose I will focus on what I learned from this dreadful mistake. I guess in judging you.. I learned many things.

[I learned] that when someone admits to their mistakes, it is a sign that they have humbled, or are trying to at least.

[I learned] that if someone insists they are trying to change, I should give them a chance. They might surprise me.

[I learned] that people with a bad reputation deserve a fresh start.

[I learned] that some of the best people I have ever met, are those that have once made the biggest of mistakes.

[I learned] that judging a person only leads that person to become disappointed in themselves, and makes everything worse...

[I learned] that everyone is guilty of judging others on occasion, and it is something that I really should work on, and learn from.

[I learned] that making judgements too quickly can result in long-term heartache.

[I learned] just how important it is to let a person show me who they are,  and not let everyone else do it for them.

[I learned] that some of the strongest people are the ones who go through the most public ridicule.

[I learned] that there are two sides to every story.

[I learned] to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. There is always time to figure out the entire story.

[I learned] that by choosing to disregard first impressions and judgements, I will be able to meet some fabulous people.

Thank you for teaching me all of this. I'm sorry again for judging you in the first place. I hope you believe me when I say that I quickly realized the kind of person you truly are deep down, and deeply regretted the problems that were caused because of my impulsive judging.

With love,
Simply Jane

Also. Happy twenty-first birthday to my sister, Jennica! I love you!

source: ask me if you are really that curious =)

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  1. I can definetly tell you have enjoyed the expressive writting.. & I love it ♥

    xo, Josabet.


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