day 18.

Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be

You are smarter, prettier, and thinner than I am. You don't get angry and you don't play games. You always stay calm, and you are never overly stressed, but on the contrary, you aren't too laid back either. You never procrastinate, and you do things when you are asked. You volunteer, you use your time wisely, and you work hard. You never gossip, and you always say nice things about other people. You aren't too shy. You are reserved enough to be polite, but you are not afraid to branch out and start a conversation with a stranger. You don't ever wear make up, because you don't need to. You don't care what other people think, and you don't judge others. You stick up for others, and you stick up for yourself. You don't let others be disrespectful of you, but you are able to stand up for yourself in such a polite way. You are kind, you are generous, and you are humble. You are not over-eager, but you care about what you do. You put your heart and soul into the things most important to you. You accomplish those things you start. You never get jealous. You always want others to be happy even if it comes at the cost of your own. Your standards are set, and they never are lowered. You stick up for what you believe in, and you have the desire to always make the right decisions. You love others, even when they have done you wrong. You don't hold grudges, and you understand how to forgive and truly forget. Please teach me how to become you.

With love, 
Simply Jane

I guess it would be nice to be perfect, although I am who I am, and that is alright by me.

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