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Dear Siblings,

Thank you for being the best brother I could ever ask for. You honestly are so genuinely selfless, and care so much about all of your little sisters. Thank you for being so great at nintendo and training Jennica and I so young to be master Super Mario players. Thank you for being so fabulous at the piano and sticking with it when all the rest of us didn't. Mom appreciates that you know, and so do the rest of us. =)

I guess first of all I'd like to say thank you for being so great to Gracie. We loved her you know, and I'm happy to know she has someone to go to when she is stressed. Thanks for being so great for Sheriann. I'm so happy you are apart of our family, and I love how easily you fit right in, right from the start. Thank you for appreciating Disney as much as Sher and me. You are just the best.

Even though you pinched my bum countless times and carried me around by my overalls my entire childhood, you were the best oldest sister ever. I love that you still call me by all my baby nicknames. You certainly did baby me, thus helping me follow through with being the baby of the family. Thanks for staying home from school when I was sick and taking care of me. I hope you always consider me the baby. =)

Sometimes I wonder where you came from, and why you love my sister so much, and how you put up with my family. But I am so happy you exist! You are the best. Thanks so much for living in Canada the last two summers, because if you didn't I really don't think I ever would have seen Jennica again. I love having you in the family, and I even sometimes miss you when you aren't around.. but don't let that get to your head..

I certainly know we had our short comings our entire lives, but I think maybe we just had to keep things interesting around the house? You were the best. You were always such a great example to me, and you certainly have shown me the way with so many things. Thanks for teaching me how to study right. Whether or not I have taken the opportunity to use all you have taught me, I still appreciate you for teaching me. Thanks for taking the role of my mother when I needed you down in Utah. You are the best. =)

I just love you all, and I'm so happy we can all be together forever.

With love,
Simply Jane

I have the best family, ever.

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