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I'm sure many of you know, today is October 25. I'm not sure what it means to you, but to me, this means .. Taylor Swift. Today her album was released, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Taylor Swift is great. I know every girl is obsessed, and every girl thinks her songs are written for them. That is because she is such a great writer. These are just a few one liners I picked up from my scan through her new album today.

~ long live all the magic we made
 ~if this was a movie you'd be here by now
~ your hands are tough but they are where mine belong
~ I watched superman fly away
~ I always forget to tell you I love you
~ I'm far away, but I'll never let you go
~ You and I walk a fragile line
~ I still mean every word I say to you
~ never thought we'd have a last kiss
~ your name, forever the name on my lips
~ this is me praying that this was the very first page
~ turns out freedom ain't nothin but missing you
~ then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
~ you held your pride like you should have held me
~ I've never heard silence quite this loud
~ you paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain
~ the girl in the dress cried the whole way home
~ I lost myself in a daydream

What a gem. What girl can't relate to lines like those?

Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Dear You. 
Here is a hug, just for you.
With love,
Simply Jane

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